It's Official

..ADMWLKR.. Has Gone Global!

Now, normally I don't tell stories here, but this ones a gem.
There's nothing better than making [re]connections.
I say "re" because the holidays allowed me to catch up with longtime family friend, Kira Heuer.
The Annual Walker/Heuer Christmas Eve festivities gave Kira and I a chance to catch up, share stories, chow on delicious grinds and (of course) talk all things blog related.

Kira resides in London and is currently a contributor for Lost at E Minor, a top notch, jewel of a website devoted to all things creative (much like us here). Lost at E Minor started in 2005 and is now based in locations all over the world, including Bogota, Berlin, New York, London and Melbourne.

As their webby states: they are "an online publication of inspiring art, illustration, photography, music, fashion, film, and more, featuring our latest discoveries in the ever-changing world of contemporary pop culture". Needless to say, the good humans over there take care of business with a unique spin and impress from the get-go.

As it goes, Kira and I exchanged our Christmas cheer and respective blog addresses . A few days later Kira wrote me saying how much she enjoyed ..ADMWLKR. Quite the compliment indeed! Go peep Lost at E Minor and you'll understand why I'm so stoked...

Jumping ahead to the Camper Bike post I made on the 3rd. Yesterday night Kira messages me saying that she passed my site on to the editor of Lost at E Minor and that he linked it to the Camper Bike post he did!
In short, ..ADMWLKR.. gets credit on a global level!


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