• †he Wørld å† ¥øur Féåt •

I just discovered The World at Your Feat. It's a blog from New Zealand devoted to documenting interesting people and the shoes they wear. According Onny, the brain behind the blog, "a lot that can be said about a person by their choice of shoe and how they interpret it. From dress shoes, sneakers, trainers, high heels, boots or sandals – The list goes on and so do the stories about the people who wear them, when, and why"

I've got to admit, I'm right there with Onny. I've always be intrigued by just how crucial  a pair of killer kicks can  be. Here are a few of my favorites from the site.  I LØVE the way Onny has these  frames set up. Portrait above the shoulders. Portrait below the ankles. 

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