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In case you hadn't heard, Reef has a new surf movie out. A few months back, I had the privilege to peep the world premier in person with my good mates at HSS. We were blown away. If you asked me to pin down my favorite part about the flick, I'd probably get dizzy with excitement and pass out before uttering a jumble answer. Why? 
Because... 1.) The surfing is off the charts 2.) The soundtrack is jam-packed with songs like "Animal" by Miike Snow and "Resevior Park" By The Duchess and the Duke 3.) Reef Girls 4.) The fun loving renegade vibe from start to finish 4.) that Rob Machado guy 5.) oh yeah, did I mention that you can LEGALLY download it for FREE on Surfline...
√ check please!
Oh yeah, and here's the trailer:

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