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June is definitely here. For Southern California, that means a whole lot of grey everyday until midday. No use trying kickin' off the covers early in anticipation of a nice sunny morning- Heaven knows that double thick marine-layer blanket just won't lift. Not on your time bucko. But just when you thought it was safe to hit the snooze button...
The (real) Dead Weather kicks in. 
Except this aint the kind you'll hear Dallas Raines jabbering about all morning on channel 7. So, think quick bedhead! Brush those teeth and twist that volume knob up to ten. Tell mama breakfast can wait, because The Dead Weather has just officially released their sophomore album entitled "Sea of Cowards". 

For a wizardry of words all in review of the heavy drop- you'd be smart visit IndieShuffle for full coverage. No bull. They take care of business. And, let's face it, those clouds aren't lifting any time soon.. read up and wake up sleepyhead.

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