• You Bø†a Belie√e i†•

The saying is true.
What goes around- comes around.
Most initially think, "You wronged me. Therefore, I'll wrong you". More times than not, the simple saying is thought of in a negative context, and rarely refers to more positive sentiments. 

This is not one of those times. 

Good karma. Positivity. Kindness. 
Those things come around too- but only if you spread them first. 

A couple days ago, I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of that chain. It came to me in the form of a 100% handmade goat leather, latex-lined liquid receptacle - yes, a wine bota

This little gem of a juice sack was given to me by Joe- the guru behind of the ever-growing Joe's Daily- a spot on the web devoted to all things cool: culture, entertainment, gear, living, social media, style. His product-review prowess lands him groovy gear on regular basis. I'm just incredibly stoked he decided to pass this one on to me.

Who knew carrying [beverage of your choice] could be so epic! Who know it could be so flippin' cool. Oh yeah, the Spanish- That's who! You see, these liquid-luggers are made by hand in Spain by those gorgeous, topless Spanish señoritas you see in Pirelli calendars. In fact, the botas get their soft exterior by repeatedly being nuzzled to their exposed bossoms... True story.

Then this happens.

Thanks Joe! The first go around of vino will be enjoyed in your honor.

Keep the good karma flowing and get your daily cup of Joe at www.joesdaily.com

Then get your own wine bota so we can execute this maneuver with flawless style:

(Note: #5 is not an official maneuver sanctioned by wineBOTAS.com - and should only be attempted by people who don't take themselves too seriously.)

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