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Riding a new board for the first is an experience like no other. Call me crazy, but I suppose you could even think that first session it like a first date. Everything's new. You're curious, excited, and maybe even a little nervous.

Be polite. Be light on your feet. Smile a lot. Be a good listener.

That said, last December (yeah, I know that's basically forever ago in Internet Years), I had a "first date". It was captured on film. Pretty hilarious when you think about it. But what made this outing even more funny was the fact that my date (who stood all of 5'4", by the way) and I were being filmed by the said date's father - and by father, I do mean shaper. Ha. Thanks Jeff.

Apparently, I'm a sucker for romance... because things got pretty mushy.

And we all surfed happily ever after. 

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