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You're thinking to yourself... "Man, this is kind of creepy..really creepy actually and haunting.. i like it! Why does it sound so goshdarn familiar?"

 Can't pinpoint what makes Dead Man's Bones so eerily familiar? its two band members: Ryan Gosling & Zach Shields. Ryan Gosling?! You mean,  like, The Notebook guy???   Yes "like, the Notebook Guy" is currently filling your ears and mind with sleepy, grotesque melodies. On many of their spooky tracks, they are joined by The Los Angeles Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir.
Quite the combination i must say.
as CokeMachineGlow puts it:
"As a gimmick, Dead Man’s Bones automatically vaults from self-serving lark to unexpected success, partly because it’s accomplished (even, um, good) but mostly because it’s sincerely (even a bit too sincerely) odd. What Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields have concocted, hiccup-chortling into the hydra heads of toil and trouble, is a post-consumer content heap of showtunes, all things Americana stored under the stairs, barbershop doo-wop, community theater, and bite-sized grab bags of Halloween candy on sale at Walgreen’s. Indebted to Tom Waits, Alice Cooper, the Langley Schools Music Project, Roy Orbison, and a Twilight sensitivity for conservative goth—all of which injects a healthy degree of big-top spectacle while not getting too scary—the album is a helter skelter of B-movie horror and cheap thrills, just the right balance of esoteric and familiar."

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