• The Shøe Crew •

Ever wonder what happens when FØRM meets FÜNCTIØN?

According to these humans: 
"You are your shoes.
If you’re going to leave a footprint on this world, make sure it’s a damn good one. Leave it with style. Leave it like you mean it.
What you’ll find from The Shoe Crew is two humans who border on what some would dub sanity and others would call deep breaths of sweet fresh air. Give us shoes. Give us room to breathe. We’ll give you something worth reading and remembering the next time you lace up whatever pair of kicks you planning on leaving that footprint with."
The blog is run by two authors from two very different yet strangely harmonious worlds. LacesOut is a sole wombat who’s main mojo stems from an aesthetics orientation of FORM. A_Train on the other hand brings the heavy hitting analytical flair to the table with FUNCTION. Brace yourself. Because things are bound to get interesting.

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