• Å®røgånt Bås†ar∂ •

Çøleman says... drink møre good beer, you ______. i cant remember for the life of me what he's holding... knowing this kid and his tendencies... im going with Arrøgant Båstard. you'd think they nåmed this brew after him with that smug fåce he's flashin,,, what håm. he'll prøbably be the first one to look at this too,,, say something like "You ass." Øh, Cøleman. 

Cølemån used tø dabble in a little bløggin himself... over at Physics Meets Running,,, but his last post was in was in July- (tra√esty). so this is me cålling him out and driving whatever traffic i çan to his neglected presence on the w∑b. Pressüre's on køok.

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