• Nø† anøthér TRØN Pøst •

Everyone is going bloody bonkers over this new Tron movie... I swear, every time I jump on the web all I see is another collaborative clothing release (Hurley) or Tron-fied sneaker debut (Vans) invading my screen (OK, Playboy, you can stay). No, i'm not "sipping Hater-ade"... I just don't find it all that rad. But while I'm nowhere near overly excited/fanatic for the movie or its hype-hucking bandwagoners, I did find this fully-interactive, digital mini-ramp quite mind-blowing.

According to the video: "Each rider [was] equipped with an ipod and [a] custom-built app to measure their air time and trigger graphics whilst in the air and on landing." Now that's something to geek out on...

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