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While surfing rarely (if ever) gets stale, sometimes finding new ways to interact with the ocean can be just watch the doctor ordered. Rule #1: There are no rules. When it comes to surfing, if you have rules- break them. Think outside the thruster. Unless you're getting a sizable paycheck for letting the fins breathe, relax- and have some fun already. The best way to do that? Experiment. 

Go short. 
Go long. 
Go wide. 
Go flat. 
Go finless
 Just GO

Jeff at Nine Lights Surfboards is surfing's equivalent to a mad scientist- dreaming up shapes, templates and crafts you wouldn't normally consider a primary weapon of choice. Yet, his creations never cease to stoke. Just don't tell that beat up 5'10"x 17¼" x 2⅛" you're leaving it for a plank of wood...

Recognize that photo?

Distract yourself at NineLightsSurfboards.com

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