• Days of ÅLØHA: Part II • 

I always dreamt of seeing the North Shore live up to its wintery name in person. But what surf-stoked human worth his or her weight in salt hasn't? All the hype. All the stories. All the legends. I've grown up with posters of these waves on my walls, videos of my idols conquering water mountains in my VCRs, wrinkled magazine clippings stuffed into every drawer I've ever owned- you name it- but, until this trip, I hadn't yet seen it for my own eyes.

This trip, the Seven Mile Miracle did nothing short of shake me and my expectations. With shifty weather, uncharacteristically abismal winds and the occasional rogue set, the place put on quite the show. I consider myself lucky to have witnessed it in full effect. Here is the angry ocean on display at Pipeline, Off the Wall, and Waimea:

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