• Håwåii [Re]Visi†ed •

The other day, I remembered just how badly I had neglected two rolls of 35mm film that were shot back in February on a little island called, "Hawai'i". 

It's officially April now... and until this afternoon, I had yet do anything with productive with them. The two rolls, complete in their little opaque canisters, sat patiently on my dresser just begging to be enjoyed.

 Dumbfounded and frustrated with my absent-mindedness, I apologized to both of the rolls individually and took them to be developed- in print and digital form. 

On the trip, I was eager to take a stab in the dark at a more traditional (and challenging) means of documentation- a janky Diana F+. The thought of tinkering with something foreign in nature added a new, unknown element to the equation. I can honestly say, I had (pretty much) no idea what I was doing... but what the hell. That didn't make it any less fun. 

Here is a small, lo-fi collection of images from roll 2 of 2:


(Hoping to get roll 1 of 2 beyond its negative state in the coming week).

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