• Kíng Ké11¥ •

It's been a while since I've thrown something other than stills up here. Lately, I've been so immersed in shutterbugging that I've managed to space on looping any of you into any moving images. Tea in hand, here's one I stumbled across while lurking on the web. I really enjoy the way it's shot... let alone surfed. Pulled back. Balanced. It's easy to see that King Ke11y is a freak. Sure, the novelty of annoucing his 11th world title may be over, but I'm not a surfing magazine and his backhand abilities boggle my mind so much that it deserves a look no matter the month. I love the carving 3 @1:19. You can tell he's having way too much fun on a wave famed for rattling even the most season slider's cage. Typical. 

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